More underwear than you’ll really need? Check! Sunblock? Check! Beach book? Check! 

But wait - what about your feminine hygiene products!? 

When women pack for a trip, it’s easy to forget things - after all, we’ve probably done the majority of the planning, prepping and packing for others, too. 

When you’re packing for travel, you deserve to feel your most comfortable - so don’t forget to stash intimate skincare “must haves” in your suitcase or carry on! 

In other blogs, we’ll create a full list of what to pack - but for today, we’re focusing on what should be packed in your purse for travel. You’ll want these two types of intimate hygiene wipes to be just an arm’s length away during your trip - especially if you rely on feminine dryness products, intimate care products and/or feminine hygiene wipes. 

Pack It: Intimate Skin Wipes

Why does travel go hand in hand with constipation for so many women? And… why does it seem like our periods and menstrual cycles seem to always land on the days we’re planning to have fun in the sun? And… why do women have to struggle with discharge when we’re wearing our new bikinis and bathing suits while on vacation? 

“Simply: travel is stressful - and stress can cause all those things,” says Dr. Courtenay Poucher, OB/GYN. From hormone changes to dehydration, women have to be prepared for the vaginally unexpected - which is where Wonderful Wipes come in. 

“The Wonderful Wipe can make you go from ‘Ugh, I feel so sweaty and disgusting down there’ to ‘OMG, it feels like I just took a shower’ in a single wipe,” says Dr. Poucher. “When it comes to feminine hygiene wipes and intimate care products, you won’t find better than the Wonderful Wipe,” says the labiaplasty surgeon. “Our patients put this product on subscription so that they are never without. It calms hemorrhoids, cleans big period messes, gently removes the stickiest discharge and makes your vagina feel its most fresh.” 

Pack It: All-Over Body Wipes 

A woman’s vagina isn’t the only body part that can “go rouge” during a business trip or vacation travel. Stress sweat, airport grime and ride-share yuckiness are just some of the uninvited guests on many trips. 

“I crafted the On the Go wipes so that women could literally cleanse their entire bodies - face, breasts, underarms, vaginas, even feet - with one wipe and go from feeling gross and dirty to fresh and flirty in a minute,” says Dr. Poucher. 

The oversized wipe is saturated with a natural cleansing solution fortified with aloe, tangerine extract, bitter orange extract, cucumber extract, lavender, vitamin E and more. “If you struggle with feminine dryness or are looking for a good feminine dryness product in a wipe, this one is for you,” says Dr. Poucher, referring to the moisturizing natural ingredients. 

Whichever feminine hygiene wipe you choose (Hint: Pick both!), you’ll want to stash a handful in your purse or fanny pack. “Each wipe is individually packaged for ease and convenience,” says Dr. Poucher.