Our Journey

Get to Know the “Wonder Women” of byDr.Poucher
Dr. Courtenay Poucher & Ani George
Founders of byDr.Poucher

In 2007, Ani was pregnant with twins - and Dr. Poucher was her OB! But it wasn’t until 2012 when the two reconnected to grow and develop Dr. Poucher’s medical practice: Labiaplasty Center of Los Angeles.

Together, they’ve brought the Center to international prominence thanks to their women-centric approach to vaginal surgery, women's health and intimate care.
Over the years and through caring for thousands of women, Ani and Dr. Poucher recognized the market’s lack of safe, gentle, luxurious vaginal-care products that their patients would benefit from after surgery and birth.

The byDr.Poucher line fills the need for truly vagina-friendly products. Developed, refined and crafted over several years in world-renowned labs, byDr.Poucher products are the result of Ani’s and Dr. Poucher’s commitment to women’s health needs.

After perfecting the formulas in the lab, Dr. Poucher and Ani tested them out on themselves. With the feedback of friends and patients, the byDr.Poucher team knows that they have created an amazing line of products and are thrilled to share them with you!