We’ve all been there. 

The mom-to-be is opening presents at her baby shower, ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over the tiny onesies, adorable booties and cute little hats that have been gifted to her. 

It’s such a precious moment! Friends and family have come together to make sure that Mom has all she needs to care for her sweet little bundle of joy when it arrives. 

But at most baby showers, Mom doesn’t get a single gift that helps her take care of herself after labor.

Even if she was gifted a meal prep or maid service, that just helps Mom take better care of others - her partner and other children are eating and living in the home, too.

Rarely, if ever, are pregnant moms getting unique baby shower gifts that help them recover and thrive after childbirth.

Moms Need Post-Partum Support

Here’s the truth: labor, even the most uncomplicated labor, leaves a lasting physical and emotional impact on women. Our bodies are simply not the same as before we pushed for 10 hours or underwent major surgery or tore all the way to our rectum. 

And while moms are the ultimate self sacrificers, we should stop asking mothers to martyr themselves further by ignoring their after-birth care.

If you’re looking for the best, most unique baby shower gift, let it be for mom! There will be no shortage of precious baby clothes and toys given at the shower, but we bet your “mom-centered” gift will be the only one of its kind.

The Soothing Spritzer by Dr. Poucher

Dr. Courtenay Poucher, OB/GYN and founder of ByDr.Poucher, recommends a variety of ByDr.Poucher products for new mothers and those who are looking for the best baby shower gift for moms.

“Immediately after child birth, Mom can use our Soothing Spritzer to help heal and calm trauma to the vagina,” explains Dr. Poucher. “The all-natural spray contains ingredients like gentle essential oils to immediately soothe pain and discomfort, stop any itching, and speed recovery. It can be used even if Mom had stitches after birth.” 

So many new mothers are handed a spray bottle of water - and that’s it! - to soothe postpartum vaginal discomfort. The Soothing Spritzer from ByDr.Poucher makes for a unique baby shower gift that says to moms: “Your healing and comfort matter to me!”

“The best baby shower gift is one that takes care of Mom so she can take care of her new baby,” says Dr. Poucher. “We recommend that our patients who are pregnant stock up on the Soothing Spritzer, our Wonderful Wipes, and our Everywhere Balm. Used together, they will keep a new mom’s vaginal area clean, fresh, comfortable - and healing nicely.”

The products are also a fantastic fit for moms who undergo C-sections. “My co-founder, Ani, says she wishes she had our Spritzer and Everywhere Balm after she pushed for seven hours before having a C-section,” says Dr. Poucher.

On the Go Wipes by Dr. Poucher

Those buying the best, most unique baby shower gifts may also want to add the On the Go Wipes from ByDr.Poucher to the list. “Our On the Go Wipes help new moms feel like their best selves - even without a shower. Our patient told us that she keeps hers in her pumping bag! She takes a ‘mini shower’ when she pumps in the morning,” says Dr. Poucher.