You’re just a spray away from feeling “slay!” 

If you’re ready to feel like your most fresh, confident self, it’s time to research feminine intimate sprays.

These intimate care essentials aren’t shy about their purpose: vaginal sprays are meant to be spritzed on the vagina. 

And don’t confuse feminine sprays with a douche - you’ll keep your feminine spray solution on your vulva and labia majora and minora… you won’t be pouring anything “up there.”

Why use a vaginal spray? Because it feels good! Spritz away on a hot day, before or after sex, during your menstrual cycle, when you feel symptoms of vaginal dryness or “just because.” 

Intimate sprays are growing in popularity because women are discovering the comfort and confidence that comes with feminine wellness products that are gentle, natural and pH balanced - like the Soothing Spritzer from byDr.Poucher. 

Crafted in small batches using a formulation made by OB/GYN and labiaplasty surgeon Dr. Courtenay Poucher, the Soothing Spritzer is a feminine dryness product that women reach for when their vaginas feel chafed, itchy or unfresh. 

Made with moisturizing, soothing ingredients, the Soothing Spritzer is the star of intimate sprays - five stars, to be exact! This feminine spray has earned dozens of five-star reviews, with clients saying that it’s a “can’t live without” intimate product that new moms, sexually-active women and women in perimenopause and menopause need in their purses and bathrooms.