We're talking about vaginal discharge, friends. A healthy connection with our body begins with understanding the "hows," "whys," and "what to dos" of our intimate health.

Discharge means that our vagina’s biome is balanced and that our tissues are lubricated - both things we want for our intimate areas.

But discharge can also tell us when our bodies need some extra support - so, is your discharge giving off good vibes, or is it time to check with your doc?

Let's chat!

#1. Vaginal Discharge that is Normal + Healthy Looks & Smells like This

Lightly-colored discharge is super normal and a good sign that your vagina is doing what it needs to do to stay well.

Healthy discharge is usually clear or milky white. And, depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle, it can be thin and watery or thick, pasty - even a bit gooey. It can also vary in amount, which changes with your cycle/hormones, hydration status, and arousal levels. Healthy discharge will usually have a light - not foul - scent.

#2 This Type of Discharge Needs your Attention 

Things getting a little… un-fresh? A change in odor - especially if the new scent is unpleasant - could be an indication of infection. And, if your discharge is a green or gray hue, it’s time for a check up - you may need meds.

Foamy or “cheese curd” discharge likely means a yeast overgrowth - your doc can prescribe an oral medication or suppository.

And, of course - if you have any burning, swelling, itching, or redness, it’s time to get to the doctor.

PS: If you want to keep your vagina happy, wear loose cotton underwear, avoid harsh soaps, don’t douche, drink lots of water, maintain a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and veggies - and keep hanging out with us! We’ll be sending more of these informative newsletters in the coming weeks and months. Check out our intimate care products and other blogs too!