Whether you’re gathering intimate care must-haves for a baby shower gift, menopause present, post-divorce treat or just to stock your own bedroom and bathroom, this list will help you choose the best gentle feminine cleansers. These products are the intimate care essentials any woman would appreciate. 

Intimate Care Essential #1: Feminine Wipes

At the top of anyone’s intimate care essentials list is feminine wipes. Why? Because being a woman can be messy! From period blood to discharge and even semen, a woman’s vagina can play host to a variety of fluids that can feel less-than-comfortable. And while toilet paper can do the job for a lot of bathroom purposes, a feminine wipe is much better suited to leaving a woman’s intimate area feeling truly fresh and clean.

When shopping for feminine wipes, keep in mind that a woman’s intimate skin is delicate - and your wipe of choice should be natural and pH balanced to prevent disrupting the body’s microflora and appropriate vaginal acidity.

Our byDr.Poucher feminine wipe is called the Wonderful Wipe for a reason! Whether you’re using it to clean up before sex so that you feel your most confident, after sex so that you feel your most comfortable, or any time of day so that your skin feels calm and soothed, you’ll find that the Wonderful Wipe is your favorite feminine wipe yet! Stash the convenient individual packages in your purse, pocket or drawer for fast feminine wipe satisfaction - anywhere. 

Intimate Care Essential #2: Feminine Wash

This isn’t your mama’s feminine wash! Long gone are the days of reaching for a bar of soap or - gasp! - douche when it’s time to clean your most intimate parts. We know now that these harsh solutions can cause vaginal dryness, irritation and even tearing. No thank you!

So, what does a woman do when sweat, menstrual fluids, discharge and urine can make her feel unfresh? That’s where an all-natural, pH balanced feminine wash does the trick.

The byDr.Poucher feminine wash is such an intimate care essential because it’s ultra gentle - ideal for even the most sensitive skin. We call it Foam Wash - and you’ll see why! Our feminine wash is served up fluffy and foamy with every perfect pump. A little goes a long way - this feminine wash bottle will last and last, leaving you feeling clean, lightly scented and confident after every shower. 

Intimate Care Essential #3: Balm for Vaginal Dryness

Don’t forget this intimate care essential - a balm for vaginal dryness. 

And let’s get this off our chest: There’s no shame talking about vaginal dryness! It can happen to any woman, at any time. Hormone fluctuations, stress, dehydration and swimming or bathing in highly-chlorinated water are just a few of the many normal causes of temporary vaginal dryness. 

But what do you do if you find yourself feeling chafed, rough or itchy because of vaginal dryness? Reach for intimate care essential Number 3: a vaginal moisturizer. Our pick is the Everywhere Balm from byDr.Poucher.

This beautiful balm is truly for everywhere you need moisture - from your lips to chapped hands, rough feet to cracking elbows. But where it really works like a miracle: on, and in, your vagina.

You’ll notice a difference in your vaginal dryness from your first application and dryness should continue to improve with repeated, consistent application. Feminine dryness products from byDr.Poucher can make a huge difference to your comfort and confidence.