Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone - oh my! 

“As a board-certified OB/GYN and labiaplasty surgeon, it’s my job to be an advocate for my patients - and that means understanding how improving hormonal balances supports overall women’s wellness,” says Dr. Courtenay Poucher. 

“What I want women to know is that, no matter whether or not they choose hormone replacement therapy (HRT), they still should be aware of intimate care products and the role those will play in their sexual wellness and vaginal health,” explains the specialist. 

“I formulated the byDr.Poucher line of intimate women’s wellness products so that my patients and women like them had access to a collection of intimate care products that were natural, effective, pH balanced and made for a woman’s intimate vaginal skin,” says Dr. Poucher. 

Here, Dr. Poucher explains how women who are managing their hormonal health in perimenopause and menopause can benefit from the byDr.Poucher collection. 

Wonderful Wipes & On the Go Wipes 

“When your hormones are out of balance during the decade or so that women transition from perimenopause to being postmenopausal, periods can get much heavier and discharge can dramatically change - both leaving women feeling less fresh and less confident in their vaginal health,” says Dr. Poucher. That’s why the labiaplasty surgeon crafted intimate feminine hygiene wipes that can tackle period blood, sticky vaginal discharge, hemorrhoids, constipation and more - while avoiding harsh preservatives, parabens and ingredients that can disrupt the delicate vaginal biome. “We tested these wipes, our patients tested these wipes, and we all agreed - we will never be without them,” says the doctor. “The feeling of real cleanliness and freshness when your body can seem so out of whack hormonally is priceless.” 

Everywhere Balm 

The best vaginal moisturizer is a balm - Everywhere Balm, to be exact! If you’re on the lookout for feminine dryness products and products for sexual wellness, you’ve found it. “In many ways, the Everywhere Balm is what put the byDr.Poucher line of intimate care products on the map. Influencers and patients alike cannot get enough of this balm!” says the doctor. 

The Everywhere Balm is a natural, creamy feminine dryness product that deeply moisturizes and heals the delicate skin of the vagina. “This is especially important to women in the perimenopausal, menopausal and post menopausal stages - because, hormonally, this is a time when women will likely experience the thinning of the vaginal skin. Because it’s more susceptible to tearing and irritation in these hormonal stages, it’s really vital that women suffering discomfort invest in a quality, pH balanced vaginal moisturizer,” explains the OB/GYN. 

Fabulous Foam Wash 

“In this change in life, women are losing hair on their heads and getting more on their chins; dealing with ‘unexplained’ weight gain; sleeping less; feeling more anxious… and all because of hormone shifts during perimenopause, menopause and being post menopausal. And then they have to deal with vaginal itching, change in discharge, less natural lubrication and thinning vaginal skin, too. It feels so unfair!” emphasizes Dr. Poucher. 

That’s why it’s so important for women in these stages of life to be able to rely on intimate products that center their sexual wellness and needs for the best feminine wash, vaginal moisturizer, feminine hygiene wipes and feminine dryness products. 

“Women’s intimate care deserves more attention. That’s why we made the byDr.Poucher line of intimate care products!” says the doctor. 

A cornerstone of that intimate care line is the Fabulous Foam Wash. “Hormonal changes make the vagina extra sensitive - this is absolutely not the time to borrow your partner’s harsh body wash and use it on your vagina,” says the doctor. 

What it is time for: a foam wash that leaves the vaginal skin feeling moisturized, fresh, comfortable and clean. “Our Fabulous Foam Wash has shea butter and other moisturizing ingredients that are going to protect the natural skin barrier of the vagina and keep the pH balanced,” explains Dr. Poucher. 

Soothing Spritzer


A spray a day keeps the doctor away! “We joke that our patients use the Soothing Spritzer so that they can see me less,” laughs Dr. Poucher. “But the point is - if a woman is feeling less vaginal irritation, she’s itching less, she’s feeling more moisturized down there, she’s feeling confident again in her freshness - she won’t need to see me as much!” 

Pair the best feminine wash, vaginal moisturizer, feminine hygiene wipes, feminine dryness product and sexual wellness line with the Splendid Spritzer for a collection of women’s intimate care products that can change how you feel about perimenopause, menopause and postmenopausal hormone shifts.

“The Splendid Spritzer is amazing for after sex - it instantly calms any irritation and goes to work healing any micro tears that happened during the friction of intercourse,” explains Dr. Poucher.