We want to tread lightly here - because for too long, women have been told that their vaginas are “dirty,” “stinky” or “gross.”

Nothing could be further from the truth! A healthy vagina has a soft, natural, even pleasant scent that is normal. 

Still, there are lots of reasons - none of them “gross” - that could make a woman want to utilize a pH balanced feminine wipe on her intimate parts.

The gentle cleansing that comes with pH balanced feminine hygiene wipes is especially welcome when women are on their period, have just given birth, have just had messy sex with lubrication/semen, have a lot of discharge, are struggling with a vaginal infection or have sweat a lot from working out.

In those cases, and plenty of others, women can feel more comfortable and confident when using a natural-based feminine wipe that can remove any unwanted bodily fluids along with lingering odors.

Here’s one of our favorite uses for our feminine wipes: Sex!

The Wonderful Wipes from byDr.Poucher can be used before sex as a way to freshen up without having to jump in the shower or awkwardly try to wash in the sink - and they’re equally fabulous for after-sex clean up, too, whisking away traces of lubrication, saliva or semen. Either way, the gentle cleansing action of our Wonderful Wipes will keep your vaginal tissues feeling moisturized, refreshed, soothed and nurtured.

If gentle cleansing is on your intimate self care list, choose pH balanced gentle feminine cleansers like the Wonderful Wipes from byDr.Poucher - they’re the best feminine wipes on the market, according to our beloved clients!