Here’s a common saying that makes us cringe: “A woman’s work is never done.”

And while we really can’t disagree, we do think that this old-fashioned phrase could use an upgrade to, “A modern woman is always on the go!” 

Whether you’re running kids to school or actually running at the gym, most women we know - us included - are always moving. 

That’s why our purses, glove compartments, work desk drawers, portable breast pumping stations, pockets and bathrooms are always well stocked with On the Go feminine hygiene wipes from byDr.Poucher. They’re part of our line of handy feminine wellness products that are pH balanced and individually packaged for maximum “on the go” convenience.  

Here’s why we can’t get enough of these pH-balanced feminine wipes that are a feminine care essential. 

Feminine Hygiene Wipe Win: Intimate Care Essential for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most wonderful gifts we can give our children - and it can be a really stinky job, too. Breasts often leak, and when old milk “spoils” underneath the breast, it can begin to smell unpleasant. A breastfeeding mother’s hormones are also fluctuating significantly during lactation, causing one of the most frequent complaints of new mothers: what they describe as “awful” underarm odor. Combine that with the difficulty of getting a few minutes every day to shower and you’ve got a situation that can make many women feel like they could use a whole truckload of feminine hygiene wipes! 

The pH balanced feminine hygiene wipes from byDr.Poucher are the perfect fit for this scenario - because they’re ultra gentle for both Mom and baby. Moms can feel confident that the natural wipes won’t cause any irritation on their skin - or leave behind a chemical scent that will bother baby.

Feminine Hygiene Wipe Win: Intimate Care Essential for Working Out

If your “lunch hour” is the only time you have to head to the gym, how do you get in a great workout and make sure you’re fresh enough to return to work right after? There’s no time for a shower - but there is a moment for a head-to-toe “freshening up” with a feminine hygiene wipe like the On the Go wipe. Start at your face and neck, then work down to under your breasts and your armpits, between your legs, then finish at your feet. Because of the oversized wipe, you’ll be able to clean and freshen all your intimate areas with just one “go” - and then you can go back to work feeling ready to take on the rest of your day. 

Feminine Hygiene Wipe Win: Intimate Care Essential for Intimacy “Quickies”

If you’re a woman, your plate is full. How do the busiest among us still make time for intimacy? The “Quickie!” Whether you call it an “afternoon delight” or just “sex during the day,” we call it “fun” - as long as we’re feeling confident and comfortable, of course. 

That’s where a feminine hygiene wipe like our On the Go wipes come in. They’re gentle enough for use on your face, under and on your breasts and between your legs. One wipe from head to toe and you’ll feel fresh and ready for whatever you can pack into those 30 private minutes!