Being a woman is hard - choosing products to keep our vaginas healthy and comfortable doesn’t have to be. 


Here, we’ve done the difficult work for you - identifying the best feminine wash, vaginal moisturizer and feminine hygiene wipes that will keep you feeling fresh, confident and comfortable - no matter what time of the month, what season we’re in, or if we’re sexually active. 


Below, you’ll find the selections of Dr. Courtenay Poucher, OB/GYN, labiaplasty surgeon and the brains behind the formulations for all of the byDr.Poucher products. 


The Best Feminine Wash is pH Balanced & made for Sensitive Skin 


“When we tested a wide variety of feminine washes on the market, we found that many of them are not pH balanced for the vagina - meaning that it’s possible for the product to ‘throw off’ the pH of a woman’s most intimate skin,” explains Dr. Poucher. “We also discovered that many of the feminine washes available contained parabens and harsh preservatives that don’t belong - in my opinion - anywhere near the delicate skin of the vagina,” says the expert. 


This discovery prompted Dr. Poucher to craft the Fabulous Foam Wash, crafted with lavender oil, shea butter and other natural ingredients that nourish the vaginal skin while lightly cleansing. “Harsh soaps that damage the skin barrier can make the vagina more prone to microtearing, irritation and rashes,” shares Dr. Poucher. “The Fabulous Foam Wash protects as it cleans.” 


Vaginal Moisturizer & Feminine Dryness Products 

Modern life requires modern solutions. Our great grandmothers might not have needed vaginal moisturizers - but they probably only bathed once a week (Or once a month!)... with well water! Today, we’re cleansing more frequently in highly-chlorinated water, wearing synthetic fabric underwear, using spermicides and bleached tampons. Our vaginas deal with a lot more today than they did 100 years ago - and that’s why we have to address feminine dryness with a quality vaginal moisturizer. 


That doesn’t mean using a body cream on our vaginas - because those products won’t be pH balanced for your delicate intimate skin. Plus, they may contain chemical exfoliants that might make your hands smooth - but your vagina burn. 


“When it comes to vaginal moisturizers, you won’t find better than the Everywhere Balm made by byDr.Poucher,” explains the board-certified OB/GYN. With its sweet, light, fresh scent, Everywhere Balm in your bathroom drawer or purse means that soothing relief is just a swipe away. “The first ingredients of our Everywhere Balm are sunflower seed oil, olive oil, avocado oil, candelilla wax and other natural ingredients like honey and tea tree oil,” explains Dr. Poucher. “We leaned into natural solutions to feminine dryness because they’ve been trusted and proven effective for many generations.” 


Feminine Hygiene Wipes are Essential for Vaginal Comfort on the Go

Feminine wash is great - but it’s not easily portable. Round out your intimate care lineup with feminine hygiene wipes to ensure that you feel your best - wherever you are. 


Enter the byDr.Poucher Wonderful Wipes. Each individually packaged, the Wonderful Wipes can be easily stowed away in your purse, pocket or desk drawer. 


Made with aloe leaf juice, tangerine extract, bitter orange extract, cucumber extract, lavender and more, these natural wipes are a flushable, feminine solution to remove menstrual blood, stool, discharge, urine and semen from the vagina with a single wipe. 


“When our patients ask, ‘When do I use these?’ I always say, ‘Whenever you really want to feel fresh!’ Truly, they are so incredibly effective at making a woman feel like she just stepped out of the shower. This is a mini boost of confidence with every wipe,” explains Dr. Poucher.