Five star review after five star review says the same: “The Everywhere Balm by byDr.Poucher is a life changer! I’ll never be without it!” 


Why are women so excited about an intimate skin balm?


“Because there really isn’t anything else like it,” explains founder and formulator Dr. Courtenay Poucher, OB/GYN. 


Intimate skin balms are few and far between - and trying to find a natural intimate skin balm is even harder. “We crafted our intimate skin balm - and all our intimate care products - with natural ingredients that would deeply nourish and protect your skin,” explains Dr. Poucher. 


The Everywhere Balm is enriched with avocado oil, honey propolis, sunflower oil, olive oil and tea tree oil - all ingredients that have proven over hundreds of years to naturally soothe, protect and heal intimate skin. 


“When a woman is shopping for an intimate skin balm, she’s wondering if the price matches the result,” says Dr. Poucher. “There are intimate care products out there that are full of harsh preservatives, parabens and ingredients that should be nowhere near a vagina, in my professional opinion,” shares Dr. Poucher. “Sure, they’re cheap - but you get what you pay for… and intimate skin balms are not where a woman should consider cutting back on budget.” 


The Everywhere Balm luxuriously melts into the skin, disappearing into a woman’s most intimate spaces as it deeply moisturizes, nourishes and calms. “We have patients who tell us that our intimate skin balm has completely healed long term irritation; persistent vaginal dryness; tearing during sex and more,” says Dr. Poucher. 


“With the Everywhere Balm, a little goes a long way,” shares Dr. Poucher. “Most women just need one small swipe on a clean finger to adequately nurture their vaginal area.” 


The Everywhere Balm can be used everywhere - including the outside and inside of the vagina, as well as the face, lips and anywhere the body needs a big boost of moisture and protection.