Calmer, happier vaginal skin is just a spray away! 

Intimate Care Products Highlight: Feminine Intimate Spray “Soothing Spritzer” 

Crafted in small batches with aloe leaf juice, oat kernel flour, green tea extract, chamomile flower oil, lavender, vitamin E and more natural ingredients, the Soothing Spritzer from byDr.Poucher is a feminine intimate spray that’s perfect for daily use; to comfort the vagina after birth postpartum; as a “freshen up” before or after sex; and even as a way to calm and cool active hemorrhoids.  

“Here’s why we love the Soothing Spritzer,” says founder and formulator Dr. Courtenay Poucher, OB/GYN. “When it comes to intimate care products, women sometimes forget to include elements that exist solely for their comfort. That’s why we made the Soothing Spritzer.” 

Feminine intimate sprays are often marketed to women - for the pleasure of men. “It’s often about how the vagina will smell after, or how it will make a woman’s vagina more like a ‘summer rain.’ Newsflash - we don’t want our vaginas to smell like a forest - we want them to feel calm, cool, comfortable and fresh,” says the labiaplasty surgeon. 

The Soothing Spritzer, a feminine intimate spray formulated for use by all women - but especially those who experience vaginal discomfort like itching, burning and dryness - was formulated to calm irritation and heal microtears that are often the cause of itching. 

“I love this feminine intimate spray,” says a recent testimonial. “It’s my favorite out of all the intimate care products in the byDr.Poucher collection because it makes me feel just-showered fresh!”