Everywhere Balm

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Our rich, luxurious Everywhere Balm is for… everywhere. Apply it to your lips (on your face and down below), your vaginal opening, or anywhere and everywhere your body craves moisture. Relieve dryness and irritation with this intimate skin balm.

Sweet | Light | Fresh Scent


Soothing relief is just a gentle swipe away. Use Everywhere Balm after sex or vaginal delivery to calm and soothe irritated, inflamed intimate skin. This feminine skin balm can also be used as a lubricant for more comfortable, satisfying sex. You can apply it with a clean finger externally on the labia and anus as well as inside the vagina.

Key Ingredients

Honey Propolis Promotes healing and soothes the skin.

Avocado Oil  Softening and safe for even the most delicate skin, Avocado Oil is natures answer for long-lasting moisture.

Tea Tree Oil Natural antibacterial properties in Tea Tree Oil protect and promote healing.