Soothing Spritzer

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Soothing Spritzer provides instant comfort after delivery, sex, surgery, or even a bikini wax. Slip this soothing feminine spray in your purse for an on-the-go freshness you can feel.

Herbal | Fresh | Sweet Scent


Calm and comfort are just a spritz away! Spritz on and around vaginal skin that is irritated or inflamed. This natural intimate spray is also an excellent refresher before sex. Soothing Spritzer is safe for external use after childbirth to soothe and calm external inflammation and discomfort.

Soothing Spritzer should not be used inside the vaginal canal or as a douche. Soothing Spritzer can also be used on your bum for hemorrhoids.

Key Ingredients

Green Tea Extract Known to reduce inflammation and repair damage, Green Tea Extract has been used in intimate care for centuries.

Oat hydrates and nourishes skin, reducing skin dryness.